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trying to slice these (not using RPGmaker), any info on the dimensions of each sprite? they look about 100 x 100 ?? love the style of these thanks so much. 

48x48 is the standard tile size, but the bigger sprites will take up several tiles


This is pretty good!

I think some of the perspectives change from asset to asset (i.e. Teleport & Control Panel for instance)

I'm gonna try to use these and if I publish anything I'll def throw some cred your way!


This is SO good. If I end up using this in a project I have in mind I'll definitely toss you a donation (as well as credit, of course)

Thank you!

cool resource,

Amazing  work!!!!


Looks pretty cool!

Really great work! Im working on a space shooter game and planing to add a space station level and looking for sci-fi assets. I really love your furnite sprites! If you'd plan to make some tile that fits this furniture i would gladly even buy it! Hit me up if you have interest

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I do have plans to put out some full tilesets that will work with these, they are works in progress and I'm hoping to get the first one out sometime next week if time permits. 

Edit: Tilesets are taking longer than I expected. It's truly a pain to make A4 tiles for RPG maker, I thought I was done but they were messed up in playtesting so I had to fix them. They are still coming but it's going to take a couple more weeks for the full tileset. 

Very cool! :)

Any chance you could add monitor animation? <3


What kind of monitor animation? Static? scrolling text? 

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For the main monitor i would suggest low poly scrolling text and for the monitor with radar i would suggest blinking parameters and small blinking signals at the radar.

Also a small note if its really not much, if you could add transparent windows with out the galaxy stars behind that would be really awesome! So its possible to add a moving background with starts behind the windows, that would be very slick!


Ok, I'll animate those at some point this week, I uploaded an additional sheet with translucent and transparent windows. 

Nice work,  definally not much quality topdown Sci fi stuff available.  I think you will do well with the Sci Fi art.  I look forward to seeing what you continue to produce.  

Please more door with animation , Monitor , Security Camera , Switch Panel , More chair XD

Sorry for too much requested

laboratory type stuff would be nice too!

Add animations and a teleporter type thing that opens and would be wonderful it in Zelda type perspective and not completely flat.   just suggestions.     Thanks!

nice work! Please add more!

Thanks! I plan on adding more. Do you have any requests for a specific piece of furniture?